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Let's get wrinkled!

One of the most painful things I know is having to doubt what you’ve always deeply believed in. It takes courage to step up and question what you’re used to, but I believe that it is nevertheless necessary to do so.

To illustrate this conviction I’ve chosen paper: as a metaphor to experiment and challenge what was thought to be predetermined and taken for granted. Paper is one of the most common materials in our everyday life. But have you ever considered why we are annoyed when it becomes crumpled after we spill some liquid on it? Why we want wrinkled paper to become flat again? Paper is one of the most common materials in our everyday life. Ever since paper has been created, thousands of years ago, it has more or less remained the same: a flat sheet. Is this the reason why we are annoyed when paper becomes crumpled after we spill some liquid on it because we get used to its flat form and never imagine paper to take on any other form, and in doing so we’ve restricted its potential?

However, I am very fascinated by the tiny movement within shrinking paper. Water is usually not welcome in the world of paper. I realized, however, that when water is absorbed by paper, it brings power to the inner structure. It interferes with the flattened net of fabrics and it rearranges their position. Water gives paper the opportunity to escape from the artificial form of industrial production and yet turn weakness paper into a stronger material yet remain strong, after it dries out.

Wrinkles unleash paper’s capability of styling and shaping. It turns an ordinary piece of paper into a material with extraordinary capabilities and unique aesthetics.



Let's get wrinkle!

paper, rice glue

400 x 200 x 45 cm


Strength from paper 

paper, rice glue

45 x 40 x 45 cm

55 x 50 x 65 cm


There is a cloud! 

paper, rice glue

550 x 550 x 45 cm


I don't think it is a lotus! 

paper, rice glue, resin

60 x 50 x 55 cm



paper, rice glue, resin

110 x 45 x 70 cm

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