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Enjoy your wine,
Get trash to treasure!

Have you ever thought that your empty wine bottle  can have a second purpose? 

Re-Wine’s creative design reuses your empty wine bottle  and recreates various second usages.

Re-Wine™ is the epitome of re-purposing, a creative solution for our trashy resources. Designed with interlocking joints and sustainable materials, making trash bottles chic, practical, and planet-friendly. The reusable carrying case transforms into an energy-e!cient LED desk lamp, using your empty wine bottle as a stand.

Revolutionary Material

Rice farming by-products and post-consumer thermoplastics are combined to form a new revolutionary group of materials, POLLIBER™. The reprocessed rice husk serves as a performance enhancer that counteracts the mechanical strength loss due to degradation of polypropylene as it is recycled. The end result is a highly durable material of architectural grade which is recyclable, and able to be manufactured at an unbeatable minimum of CO2 emissions.

Wine Carrying Solution

Need a chic package to gift your wine in? Or a safe place to store your vintage? Re-Wine is the solution! The durable POLLIBER™ casing will help prevent your wine from breaking or spilling.

Light Up Your Life

After the wine has been enjoyed, Re-Wine utilizes the used wine bottle to create a one-of-a-kind energy efficient desk lamp. It also shines as a standalone chandelier.

Basic Building Blocks

The adult version of LEGO® , Re-Wine’s innovative design allows the case to interlock with each other. Use this product as building blocks to create a wall or durable custom furniture.

CES Innovation Awards

Re-Wine Classic™ is a CES 2012 Innovation Design and Engineering Awards Honoree product, recognized for it's creative upcycling of electronic and agricultural waste (fiberglass and organic rice husk, respectively) into a multipurpose design product.

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