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See Beyond Trash
Saving the world with style

Re-View is a pair of sunglasses that sees the fashion potential beyond trash. Made from recycled  post-consumer CDs and DVDs, enhanced with carbonized rice husk.

The smooth semi- translucent exterior and matte finish material matrix is achieved by urban mining and chemical re-engineering. Each pair of shades is made from recycled post-consumer CDs and DVDs, enhanced with carbonized rice husk (from agricultural waste). Our civilization’s trash becomes yet another attractive and desirable product.

Stackable Packaging  Solution

100% Made From Trash

The apple pie case design allows consumers to collapse it when not in use for easy storage, and effortlessly pop back up again when needed. With the packaging made from recycled PP (polypropylene) and sunglasses' frame made from recycled polycarbonate (PC), each pair has the combination of 70%+ carbon savings. This prevents additional dioxins from escaping into the atmosphere, flooding the oceans with plastic soup, and crowding the earth of landfilled rubbish. 

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