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In her atelier, which is more of a laboratory, PaoHui Kao acts following trial and errors techniques. Her way of experimenting consists of looking out for accidents to happen. Once the unexpected, or even the unwanted, happens on her table, she considers it as it is, without judgment, and looks at what potential(s) it may have. Her leather experiments consisted of combining
the leather with various casted materials. Yet, she observed that when combined with concrete, the colours of the tanned skins would dissolve into the cement while hardening.
Based on this, she turned what seemed at first like a strange greyish blur, into a systematic application, soaking out the pigments of the richly drenched skins through their pores. By associating rhythms and structure, she combines materials in order to both make the concrete stronger, but also colour it and pattern it from within. In the end, she delivers it into a collection of furniture that turns the undesired accidents of materials into value.

TheMaterialists_Paohui Kao_02.jpg
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